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Let me walk you through the process of transitioning you or your child(ren) to a gluten and dairy free life style. I will teach you how to identify the different forms of gluten and dairy. They hide in many foods! Learn about all the latest gluten and dairy free products on the market that will allow you to ease into the diet. I will also brief you on the other issue to be concerned about including the importance of organic foods, GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), additives, preservatives and other toxic substances.

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I am a Wellness Coach and “warrior mom” of three children. I have been following a gluten and dairy-free diet since 2007. I have experienced amazing results losing over 60 pounds and a whole host of health issues along the way. My son on the autism spectrum has been on the diet since 2009 and it has changed the course of his life. He is now considered “recovered.” As a Wellness Coach, I am passionate about helping others transition to a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle.

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The Gluten-Free Lunch Box Blues

It can be a challenge living gluten-free (or with any other food sensitivity).
When Samuel was younger it was much easier because he was not yet subjected to peers that ate differently than him. Once he was in school full time, I had to negotiate with him about the lunch foods that I packed for him. I wanted to send healthy foods such as “green soup” which is a family favorite at our house but the mixture of cruciferous vegetables made his lunch smell sulfurous which then resulted in his peers teasing him. He came home and animately announced that I should never send that green soup in his lunch again.

Two Product Reviews and a Giveaway!

When Foster Farm’s first contacted me about this potential product review, I was a little hesitant as I am an advocate of organic meat and ingredients. I knew the gluten-free products by Foster Farms would be conventional. After I thought about it, I decided to do the review as I have many clients across the United States that complain they don’t have quality grocer’s or farms near them to purchase organic products or do not have the budget. I feel very lucky that I have had the resources and accessibility to provide my family with quality food and I know, all to well, that there are many families that don’t have this. This being said, I am glad that a company such as Foster Farms can provide gluten-free foods in the mainstream grocery stores making it more assessable for many Americans. My hope is that organic foods will begin to be subsidized by the government so they too become more affordable like conventional meats and other products.

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