Candy Cane Cake Pops | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Dye Free

Candy Cane Cake Pops | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Dye Free

I love making cake pops for gifts. Kids love them and they are super easy to make. I posted about Easter cake pops in 2012 which I made for Sammy’s preschool class. They were a big hit. For Christmas this year, I decided to make cake pops again but with a holiday twist…sprinkled with crushed dye-free candy cane.

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This is our favorite GF cake mix.

To start, I used Sammy’s favorite cake mix, King Arthur Flour (featured above). It’s gluten, dairy, soy and nut-free.


I used this cake pop pan that I saw on TV. It’s one of my rare infomercial purchases.

out of oven

Hot out of the oven and cooling.

Be sure to let the cake pops cool completely before dipping them in chocolate.


Place the baked and cooled cake pop on a stick (available at local craft and cake shops).


Getting the chocolate ready to melt

The chocolate can be easily melted in the microwave. Just heat for 30 second increments, stirring in between cycles.


I prefer to use Enjoy Life brand chocolate which is gluten, dairy, soy and nut-free


Stir throughly in between microwave cycles. You can add a 1/2 teaspoon of oil to loosen the chocolate and it will give the chocolate a nice sheen.


Heat and stir until smooth.


Use peppermint flavor in the cake or chocolate for an extra kick.

You can add some peppermint flavor, as featured above, to the cake or chocolate if you want a strong peppermint flavor. I found that the peppermint flavor of the crushed candy canes was enough for young children.



If you do use a peppermint flavor, be sure to use a simple, clean ingredient list like seen above.


031Although a little pricey, you can use this Peppermint Crunch by India Tree for a super easy topping. They are dye-free and pre-crushed. You can also crush your own. Almost all natural grocers carry dye-free candy canes now. Watch the ingredient list for dyes (red 40). This brand uses beet for the red color.


029It’s amazing what companies are doing with dye-free products now. These candy canes above are all dye-free. I bought these at Whole Foods Market.


After dipping the cake pop into the chocolate, I let it dry slightly and then carefully sprinkled with the crushed candy cane.


You can buy a foam block at a local craft store to stick the cake pops into while they dry.


Looking good!


After the cake pops dried for several hours, I covered each one with a cake pop bag and pretty holiday ribbon. You can buy all these supplies at Hobby Lobby, Micheal’s or Joann Fabrics.


Sammy super excited about his class holiday party.


111smSammy was really excited this year at his class holiday party. The room moms offered to have all gluten, dairy and dye-free foods for the holiday cookie decorating station. It’s amazing how accommodating people are of Sammy’s food restrictions.


Making reindeer GF cookies at the party. We used GF pretzels as the reindeer antlers.


Pure joy


Sammy explains why he would make a good elf for Santa.

This note above is extra special to me because Sam started questioning if Santa is real this year. I told him the same thing I told my older kids when they started questioning the existence of Santa…I said, “I believe in Santa and my fear is that if you don’t believe, he may not show up for Christmas.” As a result, my older kids never admitted to me when they no longer believed (maybe, like me, they still do). Merry Christmas!

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