Coach Kim’s Services


Individual Coaching

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Unique dietary program tailored to your needs
  • Learn how to eat to optimize your health
  • Class flexibility, meal planning, grocery store tours, recipes, personal support

Group Coaching

  • 10-20 individuals in a support community
  • 4 week program - meet once a week
  • Learn how to eat to optimize your health
  • Connect with others transforming their lives

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meet_kim_182x182Kim Rice is a certified health coach and gluten practitioner in Pleasanton, California. She is a “warrior mom” who has been living a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle since 2007. She has experienced amazing results losing over 60 pounds and a whole host of health issues along the way. Her youngest son, diagnosed on the autism spectrum, has been on the same diet since 2009 and it has changed the course of his life. He is now considered “recovered.”

As a wellness coach, Kim leads her clients through a four week wellness program removing gluten, dairy and other high allergen foods from their diet to reduce inflammation, help lose weight and optimize health. She also coaches parents of children with special needs, such as autism and ADHD on dietary changes to help optimize brain function and behavior.

Coach Kim currently writes about health and nutrition for both local and national publications, maintains her blog and newsletter and also speaks publicly about food issues in relation to our family’s health and wellbeing.
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