Group Coaching



Group Coaching

I currently offer two types of coaching…individual one on one and then group style. In a group setting, you will meet with around 10-20 other individuals learning how to eat to thrive. In each class you will receive instruction on how to modify your diet to optimize your health and well being. The class will meet once a week for four weeks. You will enjoy the benefit of your own personal support group. Many of my clients thrive in this environment. Receive not only instruction on how to nourish your body well but also receive inspiration and support from your fellow group participants. Read more about this program below.


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Foods common in today’s Standard American Diet (SAD) such as gluten, dairy, soy and corn can be very inflammatory to the human body. These foods are hidden in many processed foods as binders, emulsifiers lactic starters. Many of the foods we consume daily are listed on the top twenty allergen list. Americans are consuming these foods not realizing the potential havoc they can cause in the body. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, eczema, asthma, digestive issues, headaches (including migraines), excess belly fat and chronic body pain are just some of the common symptoms caused by these foods.

The best way to determine if what you are eating is causing health issues for you is to eliminate commonly inflammatory foods for 30 days and allow your body to detox and heal. You then fill your diet with organic whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean/clean protein, slow-burning non-gluten grains and healthy fats. Once you are feeling better and the symptoms have dissipated, you can then slowly add any desired foods back in to you diet to see what symptoms arise. In my 4 week program, I lead my clients through this process. In each class you will learn about different foods and toxins that typically cause inflammation in the body. You will learn how to eat to optimize health and wellbeing. You can take control of your life again and look and feel your best. Request your FREE 30 minute health assessment below. Skype and phone conference participants are welcome.

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