Dr David Lepp of Bay Area Autoimmune and Thyroid Center

Dr David Lepp of Bay Area Autoimmune and Thyroid Center

In July, Dr. David Lepp of the Bay Area Autoimmune and Thyroid Center spoke to our support group on gluten sensitivity. We had a nice turnout with many gluten-free vendors providing yummy GF samples. See the end of this post for the complete list.

Below are some of the notes from his presentation.

Demystifying the Gluten-Free Craze with  Dr. David Lepp

  • The words “Gluten-Free” typically only mean “Wheat-Free”
  • All grains have “glutens”
  • Each grain’s protein is broken down into different proteomes or complete sets of prolamines, glutelins, amino-acids, and polypeptides.
  • Foods just  as destructive as “gluten” are wheat gluten associated cross-reactive foods and food sensitivities:


Cross-Reactants (1-11):                            Food Sensitivities (12-22):



  • Gluten sensitivities and intolerances can be as destructive as celiac disease, even without an autoimmune disorder.
  • Standard labs and genetic testing have limitations
  • Complete gluten tests are rarely run
  • Advanced / more-comprehensive testing and proper laboratory interpretation are available now
  • Common pitfalls when going gluten free:
  1. Going wheat-free, but not cross-reactant-free
  2. Being “mostly” gluten-free
  3. Eating and reacting to wheat gluten  cross-reactive foods, in the absence of proper testing
  4. Only changing one’s diet, and not healing the gut / brain barrier

Contact the Bay Area Autoimmune and Thyroid Center if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lepp to discuss any of these issues in relation to your health.

Dr. LeppI would like to express appreciation to the local gluten-free companies who came out to Dr. David Lepp’s presentation on July 13th. These companies made it possible for our members not only to sample awesome locally made gluten-free foods, but also for our members to attend this event free of charge. Thank you so much to each and every one of these vendors listed below.     

A BIG shout out to Dave at College Nannies and Tutors of Danville for lending us his office space to host Dr. Lepp’s presentation. He is offering our members a nice discount of $150 so if you are need of nannies or tutors, please call Dave at the number above. College Nannies and Tutors

Are your body products gluten-free and non-toxic? To be on the safe side, be sure to use GF body products. You can check out Arbonne’s GF products on their Web site. They have a full line of GF and vegan nutritional products including protein powder.  Check out their complete product line at Arbonne.


Remember Bacano Bakery? Their multi-grain bread won “savory best of show” at the recent GFAF Expo in Burlingame. Check them out at the Oakland Farmers’ Market on Grand and Lake or buy their fabulous bread at Miglet’s Bakery in Danville. Bacano Bakery


Dia Delights served up some awesome allergy friendly desserts. They use wholesome ingredients and can prepare your GF delights specific to your food sensitivities. They are offering our group 10% off their new subscription delivery. Call today! Dia Delights


Iamori fresh pasta creations are the best! My favorite is the Kabocha Squash and Yam Ravioli. It’s gluten and dairy-free. They also offer biscotti, focaccia bread, pizza crust, cupcakes and fresh fruit tarts. Yummy goodness! Iamori


Jules Thin Crust Pizza was one of our original supporters. They hosted our first support group meeting three years ago. They are personally one of my favorite pizza places. Read my full blog post reviewhere. I love a restaurant that marks the food “gluten-free” (see the stamp on the box above). This way, there is no doubt.  Jules Thin Crust Pizza


Mariposa Bakery…one of my long time favorites. There are many reason to love this GF bakery. Check out my full blog post here. Visit their store fronts in Oakland or the Ferry Building in San Francisco.  Mariposa Bakery


These gluten and dairy-free lemon bars (above) are amazing. They also offer brownies, lemon poppy seed bread, zucchini bread and other GF baked goods. Check them out at your local Whole Foods Market.  So Far Gluten-Free Delicacies

As always, Udi’s and Glutino’s have been great to support our events. Check out their latest new products at Udi’s and Glutino
Other Supporters include:
Kitch+Table (Walnut Creek)


Celiac and the Beast GF Apparel

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