GF Orzo Pasta Recipe Review and Giveaway

GF Orzo Pasta Recipe Review and Giveaway

I found this gluten-free orzo pasta recipe (below) on the TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) Web site. It’s the first time I’ve heard of gluten-free orzo type pasta. It’s amazing to me how many new GF pasta varieties are now available. The grainery that makes this unique orzo pasta, Edison Grainery, is located right here in the East Bay area, in Emeryville. They offer a really nice selection of gluten-free organic grains and pastas. I ordered organic amaranth (my “happy food”), quinoa flakes (for quinoa porridge), buckwheat and several bags of various GF pastas. The grainery surprised me and offered several extra bags for me to try including a small “O” type pasta for kids.


My goody box from Edison Grainery


Gluten-Free Organic Orzo pasta


Gluten-Free Organic Penne Pasta

I am really impressed with this family owned company and it’s products. This pasta is a quinoa and rice blend. It cooked up well and had a nice texture and flavor. They offer penne, elbow, fusilli, orzo and spaghetti. They also offer a full line of seeds (flax, sesame, white and black chia), sprouted grains, beans (and other legumes) and have a section of “power foods” such as raw cocoa beans, powder, paste and nibs. They even offer maca powder, Himalayan pink salt (which I’ve started using), banana flakes and sun-dried cane juice. Their products are certified organic and kosher. They are also in the process of becoming gluten-free certified. Shipping is free with any order over $40 so plan ahead and stock up on your GF pasta, grains and dry beans. Whole Foods Market carries a few of their products as does Alameda Natural Grocery Store, El Cerrito Natural Grocery Store and The Pasta Shop (Berkeley). To check out the full product line of products and to order directly, click here.

quinoa flakes

Organic Quinoa Flakes

I’m a big fan of quinoa flakes for breakfast porridge. It’s very similar to rolled oat flakes (in my opinion). It does have a finer texture than rolled oats and can give your recipes a different texture so be forewarned. Quinoa is a complete protein so it’s a great option for breakfast porridge. I cook mine in almond milk with a little apple juice and then top it with berries and nuts or seeds.

o pasta

The Gluten-Free children’s “O” type pasta they are considering.

I am hoping they decide to go through with this pasta variety above. Kids will love it. The company has graciously agreed to offer three product giveaways to three lucky people. There will be two smaller gifts and then one grand prize. Check them out them below. The instructions on how to enter the drawing are featured at the end of this post.

edison grainery prizes small

Two of these prizes will be given away. Includes GF orzo and penne pasta.


The grand prize for one lucky winner!


froz squask

A quick and easy alternative to fresh squash, frozen pre-cut squash.

Although I used a fresh organic butternut squash from my friend’s garden (thank you, Jeniece!), the thought occurred to me that to make this recipe easier, you could use either pre-cut fresh butternut squash from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods Market or you could even use frozen butternut squash. I am all for making food preparation as easy as possible these days.

I was a little unsure of this recipe. I am not a huge fan of sage but I have to say, this recipes was delightful. I highly recommend it. I accidentally took this dish to a “raw vegan” event. I saw the “vegan” part of the invite but not the “raw.” Even so, I landed third place in the recipe contest. The bowl was scrapped clean when I left. 🙂

Recipe is being updated – Coming soon!

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Once you are done, email me at to let me know you completed the three steps. I will then enter you into the drawing. The winners will be announced on February 20, 2013. Good luck!


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