Got gas?

Got gas?


They say the average person passes gas 14 to 23 times a day. How they figured this out is a mystery to me and actually quite funny if you imagine how they actually conducted this study. During my gluten and dairy eating days, I could have probably tripled or quadrupled that figure.  After changing my diet, I can actually say that I very rarely passed gas…believe it or not.  When people ask me to share my most embarrassing moments, I first ask if they want the stories that are flatulence related or otherwise. Almost all my embarrassing moments involve passing gas at the most inopportune moments. The only story that tops these is the time that I was about to get in the bath tub at a hotel when the phone rang. I walked in the main room to answer it with no clothes on and actually talked for a few minutes when I realized there was some type of light tapping noise on the window. When I turned around (still buck naked by the way), low and behold, there were two window cleaners happily cleaning my window which by the way was on the 23rd floor. They grinned rather largely and waved. I think I would have much rather suffered the humiliation of accidentally farting in front of them while passing in the hallway. Why doesn’t a hotel warn you when they are going to clean windows anyway.


I wonder how many naked people window washers have seen.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had gas most of my life. That changed when I implemented a full elimination diet removing gluten, dairy, soy, eggs (and the list goes on) from my diet. I had never realized until then that you don’t have to feel bloated and gassy after a meal. Image that! Well, imagine my despair as my digestive issue began to resurface and my food sensitivity list slowly continued to grow. For a while, I blamed it on “cross contamination” but soon realized after astute observation that there were many times that it could not have been cross contamination.

It  felt like a Whack a Mole game trying to control my food sensitivities that kept popping up resulting in various symptoms such as gas, bloating, sharp pain, mental fog, headaches, constipation, diarrhea and random skin break outs…symptoms very similar to gluten sensitivity. If I could identify the culprit and remove it, some of the symptoms would disappear. For example, I isolated pea protein this past year which I was consuming more of when I went grain-free and eliminated rice protein powder from my diet. The last straw was in fall of 2013 when I was re-diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) by Kaiser. Which by the way, only means your gut is giving you issues and we (the doctors) don’t know why. I was diagnosed the first time in my early twenties. This re-diagnosis began an investigative journey which eventually lead me to the topic of SIBO. For those who are not familiar with the acronym, it stands for Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth. I recently was diagnosed with it.


One of the symptoms is fatigue so quite frankly, I am losing steam.  This post is not to teach you about SIBO but rather to announce that I may take a hiatus from blogging and my newsletter. I will truly try to do the best I can but if you don’t hear from me or notice that things are brief and to the point, I’m still here…I’m just trying to recover. Another issue I have is that I now have to follow an SCD diet (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) which excludes all processed food to help control the bacterial overgrowth. This means no GF product or cookbook reviews (unless they are SCD, of course). I am pretty backed up with product reviews so will be able to go for some time at least but could eventually run out. I appreciate your patience and will eventually blog about this whole process of identifying and treating SIBO so please be patient. According to my doctor, it’s fairly common and may be something to investigate for yourself.  Below I’ve included some great info if you are interested in learning more. The doctor that diagnosed me is Dr. Amy Burkhart in Napa, California (theceliacMD).

Check out out this great info on SIBO (I especially like The Paleo Mom’s blog post):


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A Diet to Cure SIBO by Dr Andrew Weil

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Dr Amy Burkhart’s article on SIBO and IBS

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome

Wish me luck and meanwhile, keep calm and continue thriving gluten-free.





  1. Kim, I totally understand what you’re going through. I was there myself and it has taken me on and off various food sensitivity diets, candida diets, etc., to get to the point where it’s not too bad right now. My health was already going south in 2003 or so and then in 2006 my brother died and it took a nosedive. One diet I was on, an MRT diet only allowed me to eat 4 foods for 4 months! Everything else on the 150 test panel bothered me in some fashion. I had neurological issues, migraines (still have those)everything I ate ended up looking quite the same on the way out and I was down to 93 pounds for 3 years at 5’7″. I ended up practicing Ayurveda’s daily routine and shifted my diet again and again and now I’m in a better place but it’s taken a long time and I”m still not well enough to work yet. I used to have my own private practice as a psychotherapist and then had to go on SSDI because of so many health issues and the low body weight etc., which has improved totally. Now I’m moving forward to do something similar to you, working from home by phone as a life coach. Got my BCC credential and am also creating a website and blog. I needed to do something from home while on SSDI to see if I can slowly move off of it and work for myself again. I know I probably won’t be working in person any time soon, and I don’t want to counsel folks again so I’m fine with working from home. I do hope you take care of yourself and know that all of your contacts will be here wishing you well and that you must always come first!! 🙂 Take care and may your gut heal well!!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Wow, you’ve really had quite a journey too. I love Ayruveda. Something about it really resignations with me. Do you mind me asking about your BCC credential?


  2. Kim,
    I am sorry to hear about your new challenge. You have been such an inspiration and I know you will get better. I appreciate you and your dedication to coaching those of us who are baffled and frustrated by mysterious annoying health issues. You and your Son are in my thoughts and prayers.


    • Thank you, Carol. I received the $1500 antibiotic yesterday. I am hopeful that this treatment will resolve the lingering issues. I talked to someone who went through this treatment and she said it was life changing. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. It would be nice to be free of so many food sensitivities.

  3. Grеetings! Very helpful ɑdvice within this post!

    It is thе little changes that will make the moѕt significant changes.

    Thаnks for sharing!

  4. Great article! I used to feel bloated and have heartburn every second of my life until I stopped eating gluten. It completely went away.

    What also went away was my noise ass 🙂 and 70lbs!!

    You can check out an article I wrote about farting and Gluten here..

    • Wow, 70 lbs, that’s awesome. Congrats!

  5. Great article, thank you for your time in creating it.

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