Lunches Kids Love – Cookbook Review and Giveaway!

Lunches Kids Love – Cookbook Review and Giveaway!

All parents need creative meal ideas. It’s amazing the hoops I jump through to get this kid (Sammy) to eat healthy food and to understand the importance of eating nutritious foods for optimized health and brain function. For us, this eating style is a lifetime choice. We are genetically predisposed to food sensitivities so this is our reality every single day. I love it when a blogger and/or cookbook author helps me along the journey. Tracy Griffith nailed it with her creative, hands on cookbook for kids, Stealth Health Lunches Kids LoveĀ Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps and Other Easy Eats. Getting the kids involved in meal planning, preparation, buying and even growing (plant a garden!) is crucial in helping kids understand the importance of nutrition and getting them on board to try different things so their palate will expand. Note: it doesn’t always happen instantly. I ate my “green soup” (featured below) which contains only leeks, shallots, broccoli, asparagus, spinach and broth for two years before Sammy willingly ate his first bowl. He now loves it. I come close to crying every time I see him eat it. I bask in the glory of imagining all the nutrients he’s absorbing and the how the antioxidant power of this soup is pulling toxicity from his body. Yah!

green soup shot

My green soup (not from this cookbook)

There are so many creative recipes to experiment with in Tracy’s cookbook, I had a hard time deciding. I’ve featured a few of my favorites here. The first is “Chicken Run Wrap.” This recipes calls for Origami Wraps by New Gem Foods which are made from vegetables…fun! I chose carrot and tomato for the bright colors – red and orange.


The Origami Wraps recommended in Tracy’s cookbook

This recipe required marinating the chicken. As some of you know, I like to marinate mine in a bag for super easy clean up.

marinatechixBelow is the “rice crumbs” that the recipe requires. I’m not sure if this is the brand she uses but I think any kinds of bread crumb would work.


Below I am coating the marinated chicken in the GF crumbs.


Per the instructions, I am frying the chicken tenders in oil.




I love to showcase my favorite gadgets. This one is ThermaPen. It is an instant read thermometer. I could not cook meat successfully without it.

Splash-Proof Super-Fast Thermapen (Pink) Instant Read Thermometer, Perfect for Barbecue, Home and Professional Cooking

c7Draining and cooling the chicken pieces on paper towel.

c6With all the ingredients gathered, we are now ready to assemble the chicken rolls.



I assembled the ingredients so all Sammy has to do is roll them.


Sammy is ready to roll…



Finishing up…



The finished product.

I (mom not Sammy) cut these pin wheels with a really sharp knife. It’s important so the veggie sheets do not tear. I think the dish turned out beautiful, colorful and fun. It’s perfect for lunch boxes too! One piece of advice…I think you could just marinate and grill or saute the chicken rather than coating it in breadcrumbs. It would be easier and just as good tasting.

The second recipe I really enjoyed is the “Sloppy T-Joe’s.” My older kids (now young adults) used to love Manwich brand sloppy joe mix. Since I’ve cleaned up our diet, I no longer buy this type of processed food. I was excited to see this recipe. It was super easy and everyone loved it. I used grass-fed beef in my version which worked out perfectly. This recipe will be used often in our house. Please note, I also serve these on Canyon Bakehouse GF hamburger buns or Go Lo GF tortillas. It’s a lot easier on a busy day than the homemade pita bread featured with the recipe.

The publisher gave me permission to share this recipe with you (below) so enjoy it! If you are interested in purchasing the book, you can order it below through Amazon. Tracy is also offering one cookbook giveaway to my followers. Follow up both on Facebook or Twitter and then email to be entered into the drawing. I will draw for the winner on October 5, 2013. Good luck!


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This cookbook was provided to me by the publisher, Page Street Publishing.

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