New Products at the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in San Francisco

New Products at the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in San Francisco

February 2013


The Gluten and Allergen-Free Expo came for the first time to San Francisco this February 9th and 10th attracting well over 2000 visitors. It was awesome to be in at an event where all the food is gluten-free. I enjoyed some old favorites and sampled a vast selection of new GF products. Sammy, my six and half year old gluten and dairy-free son, and I had a great time reviewing and judging the new products. As a wellness coach, I have to start out by saying that I am not an advocate of eating processed foods on a regular basis. I did not lose over 60 pounds and resolve my long list of health issues by simply switching from gluten containing processed foods to gluten-free processed foods. I ate mostly organic whole food with some gluten-free grains such as brown rice and quinoa. I do however feel that the products you see featured below can be used in such a way, moderately of course, to help a gluten-free individual feel a little normalcy in social situations and offer themselves a much needed indulgence every once in awhile. Thank you to all the companies that work tirelessly to provide quality, good tasting gluten-free foods for our GF community.


Our table at the expo…Gluten Intolerance Group of East Bay

My support group, Gluten Intolerance Group of East Bay, exhibited for the first time at the expo. We has a great turnout and gathered many new people for our support group. We were glad to have a presence at this awesome show.

Below I have featured my favorite products from the show, “Coach Kim’s Picks.” We did a preview at our recent support group meeting and had our largest turnout yet. It was a little cramped as we have out grown our room at Whole Foods – San Ramon, but we had a great time trying all the samples that the companies below sent us. Thank you to all the companies that went out of their way to get the products to me in time for the meeting. Our members are so appreciative. Read on and get all the details on the great new gluten-free products now available.


“Savory” Star of the Show…Bacano Bakery, multi-grain bread


OMGoodness…yes, this bread gets my “OMGoodness” rating. Elaine Taylor (of Taylor Foundation and Miglet’s Bakery) and I  both agree this bread looks, smells and tastes like wheat bread. This amazing product is made with millet, teff, tapioca, sorghum flours and almond meal so it’s better for you too. It’s currently available at the Bacano Bakery booth at the Oakland Farmers’ Market at Lake and Grand on Saturday mornings and at Stonestown Farmers’ Market in San Francisco on Sundays. I’ve heard that it may become available at Miglet’s Bakery in Danville this April. They will launch the product with a free tasting….stay tuned.

During my visit to Bacano Bakery’s booth, I discovered other amazing products they offer including Monkey’s Paradise bread (banana bread with organic bananas, sun-dried cherries, vegan chocolate chips and toasted walnuts) and organic sugarless pear chamomile and rose hip cutie pie (see below). This company makes gluten-free baking a true art.


The now famous Bacano Bakery multi-grain gluten-free bread


Bacano Bakery’s booth at the Oakland Grand/Lake Farmers’ Market

monkey bread

Bacano Bakery Monkey’s Paradise Bread – amazing!


Organic sugarless pear chamomile and rose hip cutie pie by Bacano Bakery

“Sweet” Star of the Show…Lola’s Gourmet Chocolate, Gluten and Dairy-Free Flour-less Cake

This “sweet” star of the show also gets another “OMGoodness” rating from me. I think everyone at the support group meeting agreed with me. This flour-less chocolate gluten and dairy-free cake is amazing. This decadent delight is for the die-hard chocolate fans only. They also featured a chocolate “bark with a bite” which was also interesting and scrumptious. This new product line will launch in April. It will roll out to retailers and sell online. Check out their full upcoming product line at Lola’s Gourmet Chocolate. OMGoodness.

Lola's Bakery

Flourless chocolate cake on cake server

Lola’s amazing flour-less chocolate cake


Scroll on down and check out the other “Coach Kim’s Picks”

The Goods, Pumpkin Cake

I am not normally a “pumpkin” food fan but this little gluten and dairy-free cake is splendid. It is moist and flavorful. This company also makes several varieties of GF cookies. Check out the little gift jars below. This is a great gift idea for your gluten-free friends. “Like” them on Facebook for product updates The Goods

pumpkin cake

Pumpkin Cake Close up

The Goods pumpkin cake


The Goods table at the expo


The Goods cookie gift jars!


Natural Decadence…Lemon Zest Shortbread

This local company has a lovely line of gluten-free treats. Many of them are also dairy, egg, soy and nut-free too. I love a company that pays attention to the market. I’ve yet to meet a gluten intolerant person who is sensitive to only gluten. Great job, Natural Decadence. They had many elegant and delightful products including gourmet graham crackers and double chocolate fudge cookie dough (YUM). The citrus zest shortbread grabbed my attention though. It has a fresh and vibrant taste with a delicate citrus zing. Check out their full product line at Natural Decadence.

lemon zest

One of my picks, Citrus Zest Shortbread

natural decadence

Natural Decadence at the show

nat decad

cookie dough

Just scoop and bake…


I Heart Keenwah Clusters

I am trying to reduce my rice intake so lately I’ve been taking notice of companies that use quinoa. These quinoa snack clusters are very tasty. My favorite was the chocolate sea salt. Salt and dark chocolate…who could ask for more? Click here at I Heart Keenwah – to see their full product line.



My favorite…chocolate sea salt


Crave Bake-Shop chocolate cake mix

This sweetheart is the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars 100th Episode Champion! She served a special dairy-free version of her awesome chocolate cupcake to me made from the mix below. It was soooo good. I swear I’ve gained five pounds just from this show alone. Check out her amazing works of art at Crave Bakeshop.




Woodchuck Hard Cider

This was my first time to try hard cider. It never interested me before but I have to say it’s quite tasty. It’s a nice deviation from gluten-free beer. Go ahead…give it a try. You might just like it.




New Plant Raspberry Gluten-Free Beer

Have you tried the “raspberry beer?” OMGoodness this is tasty. I never knew there was raspberry beer. I love it. I also really love what these gluten-free beer companies are doing for the gluten-free community. I have a twenty year old daughter in college who is trying to go gluten-free. This allows her to go to a party and have the “beer” experience without the side effects of gluten. Thank you New Planet!



New Planet’s raspberry beer on the left


Taste Guru

This is an innovative company offering a gluten-free box of the month club. You can subscribe for one month, three, six or a full year. The Taste Guru gluten-free product box is delivered right to your door step filled with new, interesting and tasty gluten-free products. You can also make special requests for other dietary restrictions such as no dairy or soy. These product boxes make a great gift idea too. Learn more at Taste Guru.

taste guru

taste guru2

A sample of one of the Taste Guru boxes


My “non-food” picks of the show

Red Apple Lipstick

I never thought about the importance of wearing gluten-free lip products until recently. Red Apple Lipstick makes it a really easy decision. They have beautiful array of lip liner, lip color and gloss. They also now have eye shadow. You can see the whole product line at Red Apple Lipstick. The company is sending samples for our upcoming March 11, 2013 support group meeting so be sure to join us. Available for purchase online at Red Apple Lipstick.





Monkey Sea Monkey Doo

Non-toxic children’s body products that are synthetic fragrance, paraben and sulfate-free. Developed by a mother, Maria Mill, for her allergic child. Fun stuff!


Monkey Sea Monkey Doo – non-toxic, gluten-free skin products for kids


Generation Rescue, Hope for Recovery (autism)

“Generation Rescue is dedicated to recovery for children with autism spectrum disorders by providing guidance and support for medical treatment to directly improve the child’s quality of life for all families in need.” I found out at the GFAF Expo that Generation Rescue offers grants to qualifying families for bio-medical treatment expenditures. Healing a child of autism is not cheap. It brings tears to my eyes that an organization like this can make it possible for financially challenged families to afford treatments that otherwise would be unavailable to them. Kudos to Generation Rescue.



Children’s Allergy Awareness, Check my label t-shirts

Sending a young food sensitive child to preschool or any other social gathering can be stressful for a parent. These cute shirts can offer you a little peace of mind. Choose from several cute designs and then check off your child’s food sensitivities on the back…brilliant! Photos provided by Children’s Allergy Awareness


Allergy Awareness T-shirts for kids


Just check off your child’s sensitivities


Simply Gluten Free magazine

This is the newest gluten-free magazine on the market and one of my favorites already. It’s full of recipes and great information on gluten-free living. Gluten-free mom, Heidi, of Adventures of a gluten-free mom writes a column for the magazine that is funny and entertaining. Purchase a one year subscription (six issues) for $19.95.




Sammy’s Picks

Sammy had a ball picking out his favorite show picks. It was his only conciliation for giving up his mommy for two and half days. 🙂



Sammy excited about picking his picks from the show

Earth Balance vegan cheddar cheese popcorn

Sammy has been gluten-free since he was 2-1/2 years old. Most of the snacks (crackers, chips, popcorn, etc) he enjoys are plain due to his gluten and dairy sensitivity. This was the first “cheese” flavored popcorn he has ever tried. He was so excited. He loves it. Earth Balance also makes a vegan butter flavored popcorn and a puffed vegan cheddar snack similar to Pirate’s Booty. Need less to say, these products are among Sammy’s favorites. Available at Whole Foods Market.




Surf Sweets gluten-free, dye-free gummy treats and jelly beans

I’m not surprised that this is one of Sammy’s picks. This is one of the few candy type snacks he can eat since he is dye-free as well.  Surf Sweets offers gluten-free, dye-free, high fructose corn syrup-free jelly beans, gummy bears and gummy worms. The also offer a “sour” variety. Available at Whole Foods Market and Miglet’s Bakery in Danville.


surf sweets


Quackers Gluten-Free duck shaped cheese crackers (contain dairy)

Finally a company that makes gluten-free snack crackers for kids. You would not believe what I went through in preschool trying to provide Sammy with the gluten-free equivalent to gold fish crackers. I almost made them from scratch once before coming to my senses and just telling Sammy, “I’m sorry but there is going to be some things in the world you just can’t have.” If you’re child can tolerate a little bit of dairy, this may be your solution to replace goldfish crackers. I think they taste really good. Available at the Gluten Free Grocer in San Francisco.



Kinnikinnick gluten-free multi-grain and white sandwich bread

I’m not sure if this bread is new to the Kinnikinnick line or if it’s a new recipe but this bread is very good. Sammy really likes it. I made him a Sunbutter sandwich with this bread the other day and he ate the entire sandwich, crust included. It’s moist and chewy like regular gluten bread. The only problem is that is not readily available in the area yet. I’m going to request it at my local retailers to keep my son happy.




Freedom gluten-free cereals…Tropico’s (fruit loops) and Maple Crunch

This is the first cereal company to offer gluten and dye-free “fruit loop” type cereal. It was initially very exciting because the colors on the box look so vibrate but upon opening the box, the colors somehow did not match the photo. Sammy was not too impressed with the Tropico’s but he does like the Maple Crunch. They offer several other interesting varieties as well such as rice puffs and flakes. Miglet’s Bakery in Danville carries the Freedom line so check them out.



CheeCha Potato Puffs

These unique potato puffs were not my favorite but Sammy loves them. This is why I feature “Sammy’s Picks” as well as my own. His favorite flavor is the salt and vinegar.



Go Picnic ready to eat gluten-free meals/snacks

Both Sammy and I love these little snack packs. They are awesome for traveling and for play dates. Go Picnic now has several new gluten-free varieties that they featured at the show. Check the box closely though because not all their products are gluten-free and a fewer amount are dairy-free. These are currently available at Target, Walgreen, select Costco stores and Whole Food Markets. You can also order through Amazon.



Gluten Glitch book for gluten sensitive children

This cute children’s book by I Eat Different helps children understand why it’s important to eat gluten-free. It is written by a mom of a food sensitive child. Gotta love it! Available at Beaver’s Pond Books or Amazon.



Van’s gluten-free cereal and crackers

Van’s featured these yummy new gluten-free crackers. They are light and crispy. They also now have two new gluten-free cereals. Their new Honey Nut cereal is Sammy’s favorite. Both the cereals and crackers are available at Safeway.




Sammy’s favorite is the Honey Nut Crunch not featured here. I like the Cinnamon Heaven.

Honorable Mentions:

Better Batter Gluten-Free mixes and Zion Snack Bars

This company offers a vast line of gluten-free baking mixes. They also offer yummy energy bars with a “cause.” The bars are all gluten, dairy and soy-free. Each one of the three bars features it’s own unique charitable cause. A percentage of the profits go to that particular organization…very cool! Check it out here. We will have samples at our upcoming support group meeting on March 11, 2013. Available online at Better Batter.




WayFare oat based, dairy-free, soy-free products

Oat based dairy-free, soy-free cheddar spread, sour cream, ice cream and pudding. Need I say more? Currently available at Rainbow Grocery.


So Delicious non-dairy, coconut based frozen treats

So Delicious dairy-free coconut milk yogurt and chocolate bars have long been Sammy’s favorite. I use them sparely at home due to the carrageenan though which has been linked to intestinal irritation. I spoke with one of the representatives of this company and she said they are planning on removing carrageenan from the So Delicious non-dairy product line. Yay! Please note that it may take a while for the new recipe to trickle down into the stores.


Nana Joe’s granola

I have yet to be a granola fan but this stuff is yummy.  It’s available at the Oakland Farmers’ Market at Grand and Lake and at some Whole Foods Market stores.


Organic Munchies Organic Superfood for babies

Many parents who have a child that is gluten sensitive often want to raise their new babies gluten-free as well. Products like this offer an option for parents. Again, not that I am an advocate of processed foods for babies but for a little treat now and then, these products offer a gluten-free option. Available at Whole Foods Market and Target.

happy muncies



Bella Gluten-Free mixes

The lemon pound cake made from this Bella all-purpose gluten-free baking mix was delicious. Besides the multi-purpose mix, Bella also offers pizza dough, rolls and focaccia mix, cinnamon raisin bread mix and a multi-grain sandwich bread mix. Their products are gluten, dairy, soy, nut and egg-free. The mixes are available online at Bella Gluten Free.


Bella Mixes

lemon poundcake

Kitch+Table brownie mix

This yummy brownie mix, Kitch+Table, is from Walnut Creek! They also offer a pizza dough mix.


Old Favorites:

Udi’s gluten-free baguettes

I walked by a lady standing by the Udi’s table. She was slathering dairy-free Earth Balance spread on a piece of gluten-free baguette. “This is an experience I thought I’d never have again,” she said. I replied, “amen.” Thanks Udi’s for the best gluten and dairy-free baguette on the market. Available at Draeger’s Market and Miglet’s Bakery, Danville.



Udi’s gluten-free baguette with Earth Balance vegan spread

Schar gluten-free ciabatta rolls and graham crackers

These Schar gluten-free ciabatta rolls are the closest I’ve come to a soft, springy dinner roll. I know they are technically “ciabatta” rolls but I heat them up and serve them as dinner rolls on occasion. One time while entertaining guests for dinner, I sliced the ciabatta rolls in half, spread Earth Balance, crushed garlic and a sprinkle of salt on the sliced rolls and toasted them in the oven. My guests couldn’t believe they are gluten-free.

One of Schar’s newer products is their gluten-free graham cracker. I think it is the best on the market. In my opinion, they taste just like regular graham crackers. A new upcoming product from Schar is…a gluten-free bagel. I should be receiving a package soon so look for the upcoming blog review. Schar products are available at Draeger’s Market, Miglet’s Bakery, Whole Foods Market, Raley’s and Sprout’s Farmers’ Market. The graham crackers are available only at Miglet’s Bakery. You can also buy them online at the Gluten Free Mall.


schar package

graham crackers

Coconut Bliss non-dairy coconut based frozen treats

Coconut Bliss’ dark chocolate is the best chocolate frozen treat (let’s just call it “ice cream”) I’ve ever had. With non-dairy ice cream this good…who needs cow milk ice cream. We’ll have samples at the upcoming support group meeting. OMGoodness!

coconut bliss2

Second Helping, Mama’s Meatballs

You may remember my recent blog post on Second Helping’s, Mama’s Meatballs. We love them. They are a busy mom’s dream come true. They’re available at Draeger’s Market and Miglet’s Bakery in Danville.




Dia Delights gluten-free cakes and cookies

I was so happy to see my friends from Dia Delight at the show. Of course they featured their yummy allergy-friendly treats. It was good to see an old favorite.


Zest Gluten Free Bakery

A special “shout out” to an old favorite, Zest Bakery, for keeping me fed during the show!! Loved the sandwich bread and vegan GF brownie bites. Zest…you’re the best!



Presenting “Coach Kim’s Picks” at our February support group meeting. We had a great turnout.


All the yummy samples at our February support group meeting




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