Meatballs with Marinara


Meatballs with marinara sauce and noodles

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs….

I love fixing meatballs as an easy lunch or snack option. Kids of all ages love them and you can easily store them in the freezer. Whether plain or served with spaghetti, my kids eat them up. I had to change my original recipe which included real onion, garlic and grated carrots to powdered spices due to my son’s texture issues. He’s much happier with this recipe

1 pound of organic 100% grass fed ground beef
½ cup gluten free (GF) bread crumbs
½ teaspoon of GF onion powder
¼ teaspoon of GF garlic powder
½ - 1 teaspoon of sea salt
Black or white ground pepper (to taste)
1 teaspoon of Parma brand vegan parmesan (contains walnuts and nutritional yeast – can be omitted)
¼ teaspoon of kelp granules (this can be found in the Asian section of the grocery store)
1 small egg or ½ serving of egg replacer (3/4 teaspoon egg replacer powder with 1 tablespoon warm water)

Knead the meat with all the above ingredients and make it into one inch balls. Lightly oil your hands if needed. Place the meat balls on a cookie sheet with an edge (line with unbleached parchment paper for easy clean up) and then bake at 400 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. Begin checking at 10 minutes but cook the meatballs until they are 170 degrees. Depending on the size of the meatballs, cooking time will vary. Be careful to not overcook otherwise they will be too dry.

Marinara sauce
(Make this a day ahead of time to allow the flavors to meld). A jarred version of organic marinara sauce can be used instead.

2 – 32oz cans of organic, fire roasted, crushed tomatoes (blend these if your child prefers no lumps or chunks)
4-6 garlic gloves, crushed (jar version is okay – 1 teaspoon equals one clove)
4 teaspoon dry basil
2 teaspoon dry oregano
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 tablespoon of organic sugar to tame the acidity
1-2 tablespoon of oil with high smoking point (avocado, rice bran, tea seed)

Heat oil in skillet over medium heat; add garlic and spices stirring constantly for about 30 seconds. Add tomatoes; bring to simmer; reduce heat to low and allow sauce to thicken (about 20-30 minutes). The flavor of this sauce intensifies over 24 hours.

Serve meatballs and sauce over prepared gluten-free noodles.