Restaurant Review | E&O Asian Kitchen | San Francisco

Restaurant Review | E&O Asian Kitchen | San Francisco


Recently, I was invited to try the gluten-free menu options at E&O Asian Kitchen in San Francisco, California. I tend to not think of Asian food when it comes to gluten-free dining so I was glad to be introduced to this restaurant. Right away I was very impressed even just upon entering. The interior design is amazing cloaked in warm inviting earth tones.



My daughter, Ashlee, home from college, joined me for lunch. Presented with our gluten-free menus (I love it when a restaurant has a specific gluten-free menu), it was hard to choose there are so many GF options. We opted to begin with the shrimp satay served with basil mango dipping sauce (below). It was lovely. I am so used to simple eating that it was a delight savoring all the unique flavors I do not get to experience at home.

eo2The shrimp satay with basil mango sauce.

I enjoyed the lightly pickled veggies as well as the perfectly prepared shrimp. The dish was very creative.

eo9Perfectly cooked shrimp.


eo3I just had to try the E&O wood grilled hamburger with brown rice flour sesame bun with sriracha aioli, green papaya salad, white cheddar and fried egg. I asked them to hold the cheese and egg since I can’t do cow’s milk or egg. As it turns out, the gluten-free bun is Canyon Bakehouse which just happens to be my favorite hamburger bun. Oh, joy! It was delicious and a treat to enjoy a hamburger with a bun out on the town.

eo8You can see the awesome quality of the burger. It is so hard to find a good burger these days. My meal was delightful.


eo7My daughter opted for the Indonesian fried rice with gulf white prawns, char siu pork, vegetables, egg and chilies. She was very impressed. This this was way out of the box for her so the fact that she liked it is a solid testimony.


eo6For dessert, our only option was the sorbet but, wow, what a sorbet selection. There were three options: coconut pandan (Asian grass with a vanilla flavor), grapefruit and mango/passion-fruit. The flavors were very exotic. I was very impressed and pleased.

When asked about cross contamination procedures, the chef, Sharon Nahm, came to our table and assured as that precautions are taken to avoid gluten contamination including proper equipment procedures and hand washing. Of course one never has a guarantee but I felt confident (and safe) after talking to her.

eo5Just a little snapshot above of our lunch. The drink I had on the bottom right hand side is tequila, sake, prickly pear puree and lime. Amazing.

We had a lovely experience at E&O Asian Kitchen and would love to go back. I give this a thumbs up and a “Coach Kim’s Pick” for Asian cuisine in San Francisco.




Kim Rice

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