Teacake Bake Shop – OMGoodness!

Teacake Bake Shop – OMGoodness!

I used my favorite Gluten Free (GF) app, GF Registry to find this little gem in Emeryville, California. My son, Tanner, and I were in Emeryville visiting his new college, Ex’pressions where he’ll start in September. While looking for a place to eat, this bake shop, Teacake Bake Shop, popped up on the GF Registry list. They only had one gluten-free cupcake option which was initially disappointing. I came close to not trying it because it was not chocolate. For me, if it’s not chocolate, it’s not worth the calories. But since I do blog about GF retailers and products, I decided to give it a try. The single flavor they offer is Vanilla Almond with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. And while it is gluten-free, it does contain dairy and egg. Even though I am pretty sensitive to dairy, I decided to chance it with just a couple of bites so I could at least do a review.

Only one gluten-free selection

Stopping at one or two bites was not possible for me. This cupcake was amazing. I was carrying on so that my 19-year-old son, who does eat gluten, asked for a bite. This cupcake blew my socks off. It wasn’t just the flavor. The textures were divine. The density of the cake part was perfect. I have found that many gluten-free cupcakes are either a little dense or they fall apart very easy (Kara’s Cupcakes). This texture was perfect. I would have never guessed it was gluten-free. It had little specks in the cake (almonds, I’m guessing) and was baked to perfection. The top of the cake part was slightly crunchy.

It’s a beauty.

One for me…one for Sammy.

The frosting was light and creamy but not too sweet. The crunchy almonds on top were the perfect complement to the light creamy frosting. This cupcake was love at first bite. I bought two…one for me and one for Sammy (who was at home). Let’s just put it this way…Sammy never got to try his cupcake (whoops). As you know, I am sensitive to dairy so while eating the cupcakes, I could almost see the “dairy cramps” looming over the horizon. Interestingly, they never came. I wish I knew more about the science behind this.

For those who can tolerate some dairy, I recommend stopping by this cute little bake shop. I’m already looking for reasons to travel to Emeryville again so I can stop by the Teacake Bake Shop. The other students at my son’s college will probably wonder this fall why I visit so often. This little beauty gets my “OMGoodness” rating. Let me know if you head over there, I may have you pick some up for me.

Vanilla Almond with Swiss Meringue Buttercream




  1. What is the “GF Registry”? Is it a subscription service?

    • GF Registry is an app for a Smartphone. I think they have a Web site as well.


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